My name is Manu González, a junior designer with double BA in Design. I have 4 years of experience in Industrial & Service Design, specialized in research, analyze, materials, 3D model and rendering.

Throughout my degree and after, I have worked on different projects in Service Design & UX applied to transport sector which, inevitably, has boosted my interest in this particular sector.

I continually focus on design from social perspective in order to help users. I define myself as responsible, resourceful, curious, independent. I have always been a very ambitious person, with a genuine team mentality, extremely enjoying the opportunity to bounce off other ideas with others within a group atmosphere.

I currently live in Barcelona. When I'm not keeping busy with my job, you can find me around a table with good food and wine.



🍷🍜 Gastronomy

🌌 Astronomy

🏐 Volleyball

🎮 Video-games